Authentic, heartfelt Italian food is our passion, and we want to spread the love of good food as far as possible. That’s why we provide wholesale food products to the Sydney, Greater New South Wales and Adelaide regions. Our menu comprises of both fresh and frozen ready-to-eat meals.

Curated with passion, knowledge & care.

Spinach and Ricotta Ravioli 1 KG. Made with egg pasta sheets, fresh ricotta and spinach

Beef Tortellini 1KG. Made with egg pasta, premium mince beef, herbs and spices.

Our original and traditional gnocchi is made with 100% real Desiree potatoes and the best quality flour, we don’t use artificial flavours, additives or any animal products to cater for people who are intolerant or vegan.

Whole peeled tomatoes slow cooked for 4 hours with herbs and spices.

Rice balls coated with bread crumbs filled with mozzarella and parmesan.

It’s food…
featuring Italian infatuation.

It is our philosophy that all homes should be able to access wholesome and delicious meals. Appetising handmade food is everyone’s right. If it wouldn’t be eaten in our homes, it wouldn’t be on our wholesale menu.

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