Where can you purchase pasta online during COVID-19?

Coronavirus has shaken our community to the core. Many of us have experienced significant changes to our day-to-day live as a result of the global crisis. Not only are the Government-enforced restrictions causing us to change our lifestyles, but many people are suffering from mental health impacts after losing their jobs or having minimal physical contact with friends and family.

Thankfully, Maruzza Fine Foods is still operating during the pandemic, and we want to reassure you that all our pre-made pasta meals can be purchased and delivered within 2-4 business days.

Some of our most popular pasta products include: beef lasagne, frozen egg pasta, gluten free gnocchi, mini aranciniand pumpkin ricotta ravioli. We also provide an essentials box for delivery, containing pasta and pasta sauce.


A few reasons to purchase some traditional Italian pasta at this time.

Going to the supermarket has become very stressful for the Australian public. The social distancing advice and lack of items in-store means you can walk away from the shop feeling deflated and unproductive. Additionally, you may be too busy to cook your own meals as you struggle to balance competing demands: working from home, entertaining your children, checking in with family and friends.

Therefore, it’s the perfect time to treat yourself to a quality Italian meal from our product menu. Our hand-crafted pasta meals are pre-made by professional and traditional Italian chefs, so all you need to do is heat them up as per their instructions. This makes for one super simple and very wholesome meal for you and your family.

If you don’t want or need a delicious pasta meal yourself, you could spread love to your family or friends by having a homemade pasta product delivered straight to their door. Consuming healthy and hearty food is an essential way to keep your physical body and mental health in good shape as we conquer the virus.


Is it safe to purchase food online during the pandemic?

At Maruzza Fine Foods, we take your health and wellbeing very seriously. That’s why we have always placed such a significant emphasis on wholesome, balanced meals. Additionally, it means that we are taking very serious measures to ensure that our staff and customers do not come into contact with COVID-19.

One of the ways we are enabling complete safety is through no contact pasta delivery. When you add a note to your order, you can explain exactly where you would like our deliverers to leave your pasta food order. They will then leave the products at the designated location. You will not need to make direct contact with the courier at any point.

We are also continuing to employ strict hygiene measures in our kitchen, so every meal is prepared with no risk of bacteria spread. All our chefs are trained in food safety and food hygiene, so you can rest assured that the best practices always have and always will be used in our food preparation areas.

Browse our online pasta store today.