Tips For Cooking & Heating Up Pasta

At Maruzza Fine Foods, we can produce a range of pasta near me, including frozen pasta, wholesale pasta and ready-to-eat dishes. If you prefer to cook your pasta yourself, you can purchase pasta online and get bulk pasta delivered to your door to cook as you please. To ensure your Sydney pasta has excellent texture, read our key steps for cooking your pasta perfectly… because nobody wants soggy, crunchy or clumpy pasta!

  1. Use a large pot, no matter how pasta you are cooking. (this will give your pasta plenty of room to grow as it cooks, and there will be space for you to stir without the water spilling out of the pot)
  2. Fill the pot with plenty of water.
  3. Bring the water to a boil before you place the pasta in the pot.
  4. Sprinkle a dash of salt in the water. (this will boost the pasta’s flavour and stop the pasta pieces sticking together while they cook)
  5. Place the pasta in the pot and stir regularly. (if you don’t stir, the pasta pieces may stick together and become clumpy)
  6. Read the pasta packaging to know how long it should be left in the pot. (most dry pasta needs around 8 minutes to cook, but some other fresher pashas might only need 5 minutes)
  7. When fully cooked, drain the pasta and serve.

Knowing when the pasta is ready to be taken off the pot can be difficult. You should always taste a few strands/pieces to know if it is ready. Consider whether there is a springy bounce to the pasta and whether there is a little bit of resistance in the centre. Generally, you should try to take the pasta out of the pot when there is still a tiny bit of resistance and bounce. Nobody likes soggy/overcooked pasta, however the level of softness depends on your personal preference.

If your eyes are bigger than your belly, then you’ve probably been responsible for cooking too much pasta than what you can actually eat. To make sure your pasta Sydney doesn’t go to waste, you can save the pasta and store it in your refrigerator as leftovers. When heating the pasta back up the next day, there are several different ways you can do the reheating.

  • Microwave: Some people believe that microwave heating can dry out the pasta and result in an unfavourable texture. However, it is the quickest and easiest way to reheat your pasta. Just place the pasta in a microwave safe container and heat until warm throughout.
  • Oven: You can use an oven if the pasta has sauce through it. Place the pasta into an oven-safe container or tray and cover with aluminium foil. Put the oven temperature on standard 180 degrees and leave the pasta until it is heated through. You might like to add extra pasta sauce so it doesn’t become dry.
  • Stovetop: Plain pasta without sauce can be reheated within minutes in boiling water. If you have already mixed pasta sauce into the pasta, you can reheat this on a low heat until warm throughout.

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