How To Make The Best Grazing Table For Your Event

Grazing tables are a must-have food feature for any modern-day event. As trusted food suppliers and caterers in Sydney, we have created hundreds of applauded grazing tables, and we are more than happy to share our expert knowledge on how to craft a jaw-dropping party platter.

First of all, some of you may be wondering what grazing tables are. These platter-type dishes are often found at events and present an admirable spread of small, snacking foods. Some of the typical foods you might find on an event grazing table include: chocolate, nuts, cheese, biscuits, crackers, curated meats, bread, olives, fruit, vegetable sticks, kebabs, miniature pies, miniature hotdogs, and cakes. Although these food products are most common, there is no restriction on what could be placed on your grazing platter!

Event grazing tables can be appropriate for both large-scale and intimate events. They are a great way to encourage guests to get together and get social over delicious foods.

In our humble opinion, there are a variety of ways you can ensure your grazing table is set to impress:

  • The more diverse, the better. Not only does diversity make your grazing table look great, but it will provide more snacking options for your guests.
  • Consider having separate, smaller platters if there are guests with dietary requirements. There is nothing worse than an allergic reaction to ruin a function or party, so if you have people attending your event with strict dietary requirements, ensure you have a separate platter that caters to their needs. Alternatively, you might want to create a vegetarian grazing table (if you have multiple vegetarian guests), or eliminate foods all together if there are allergies (such as removing all nuts).
  • Fill all gaps in the table. The grazing tables that look the best are the ones that have no empty spaces. Every gap should be plugged with delicious food!
  • Consider sweet and savoury. There is no limit to what can be included on a grazing table, so feel free to add both sweet and savoury snacks. Who says you can’t have dessert before dinner – it’s a party, after all!
  • Try to keep hot and cold products apart. While it’s okay to mix sweet and savoury, you might want to keep hot items away from cold ones, so that nothing unexpectedly melts or goes off.
  • Have a fair dip to cracker ratio. Bear in mind that items such as cheeses and dips will need some form of bread or biscuit to compliment them.

When coordinating an event, you are likely to discover that the creation of a stunning grazing table in Sydney takes much thought and effort. Instead of wasting precious time organising your platter, you can order a grazing table through a popular catering service in Sydney.

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