A Comprehensive Checklist For Your Next Catered Event

Catering for guests can be a stressful task. No matter if you are having a small dinner party or a large function, the catering aspect is often what most hosts dread the most. At Maruzza Fine Foods, our online pasta products are often bought for the purpose of catering at family events and dinner parties.

Being wholesale pasta producers, we know a thing or two about creating a delicious meal for guests, and most of our chefs are experts when it comes to dinner catering. Below are just a few questions to ask yourself when you are planning to cater for a group of people.

  1. Have you asked your guests if there are any dietary requirements?

It’s always important to ask your guests about whether they have any dietary requirements. If you have a guest with a serious allergy, you could ruin their entire occasion by serving a food that causes them to have a reaction. Even if you’ve catered for those specific guests before, you should re-ask whether their dietary requirements have changed. Not only can people develop allergies over time, but they can also decide to change their diet for health or personal reasons.

Fresh pasta is often a great meal to serve when catering because it contains minimal common allergens and can be versatile to suit your guests’ needs.

  1. Is your catering going to be healthy and nutritious?

Your guests will be thankful if you can provide a meal that not only tastes great but is also healthy for them. Try to serve a meal that has a range of different food groups incorporated into it. When catering with bulk pasta, throw some vegetables into the sauce and opt for wholemeal pasta options.

  1. Are you able to serve a hot meal?

Especially when it comes to lunch and dinner catering, your guests will be extra impressed if you can serve a hot meal to them. You might not want the stress of cooking a meal from scratch while your guests are already present, so we recommend preparing the meal prior to their arrival and then re-heating the food once they are ready to eat. Purchasing fresh pasta online will also help to speed up the preparation process.

  1. Do you have suitable beverages to pair with the meal?

There’s nothing better than a perfectly paired meal and drink. If you are planning to cook frozen pasta for your guests, we recommend having a bottle of red wine to complement the dish. A seafood pasta meal could also suit a white wine.

  1. How will you serve the catered foods?

Cutlery and plates or bowls are essential when having guests over for a meal or function. Always acquire the necessary amount of cutlery and plates so all guests can have a dish of their own. Even if serving finger food, individual plates are a nice touch.

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