7 Best Pasta Dishes For Winter

Now that temperatures are dropping and rain is settling in in most capital cities across Australia, families in the community are seeking warm, comfort foods that can keep them snug and cosy throughout the cold months. Pasta is a popular meal to be enjoyed throughout Winter as it is a delicious hot meal that can be consumed 100% guilt-free!

As always, if you are looking for pasta inspiration, our team of fresh pasta chefs and wholesale pasta providers are here to help. As you look ahead to the upcoming chilly Wintery months, you can plan to indulge in some of these top pasta online dishes that are extremely appropriate for a frosty June, July or August day.

1. Fresh lasagne.

Who doesn’t love some quality handmade lasagne? With eggplant lasagne also available in our online pasta store, there is an option to suit everybody regardless of dietary preferences. At Marruza Fine Foods, lasagne is one of most popular online pasta products throughout the Winter season, and we highly recommend it for satisfying the entire family.

2. Beef ravioli.

Beef ravioli is a must-have in any household fridge (if you purchase a fresh pasta meal) or freezer (if you purchase a frozen pasta meal) for the Winter months. For the most comforting dish possible, we recommend tossing our home-style beef ravioli with tomato-based sauce and fresh seasonal vegetables.

3. Pumpkin ravioli.

Just because it’s Winter, it doesn’t mean you can slack off on your health. To ensure you’re getting enough vegetables in your diet, you can try our famous pumpkin ravioli which is a fresh pasta meal suitable for vegetarians.

4. Handmade gnocchi.

If you’re anything like us, cool weather increases your appetite exponentially. To satisfy your hunger and keep the entire family full for the night, we recommend our handmade gnocchi pasta. Gnocchi is known to be a filling dish, but it also boasts good nutrition and easy cooking.

5. Frozen egg pasta.

It’s important to keep your freezer full with frozen pasta meals in case adverse weather stops you from heading out to the grocery shops. Our frozen egg pasta is proving to be a customer favourite right now.

6. Mini arancini.

Go on – you deserve it! Jazz up your fresh pasta meal with some mini arancini. These bite-sized platter fillers are ideal when entertaining guests or trying to keep the household happy. We don’t blame you if you’re already drooling.

7. Home-style beef tortellini.

We love our beef tortellini for a comforting Winter dish – and your family will too. When mixed with a tomato-based sauce and plenty of vegetables, it makes for one super nutritious, super easy and super delicious weekday meal. Our team recommends tossing spinach, pumpkin and pine nuts with the pasta.

You can purchase Maruzza Fine Food’s beloved beef tortellini and other popular wholesale pasta products through our online pasta store today.