5 Secrets For Impressing Your Dinner Party Guests
  1. Ensure the main meal is pasta based.

Oh, it’s no real surprise that we would be recommending wholesale pasta as your dinner party meal of choice. If you haven’t caught on already, we are pasta-obsessed! But in all seriousness, there are plenty of good reasons why you should serve fresh pasta to your house guests. First of all, fresh pasta delivered is one of the easiest possible meals to make – just boil the water, drain the pasta, and add the sauce! You can’t possibly go wrong and have a dinner party disaster. Bulk pasta is a quick and easy meal, but it is also extremely satisfying and guaranteed to keep all guests happy. It is also one of the cheapest meals in the world, so you won’t break the budget while hosting the occasion.

  1. Start the evening or finish the night with a delectable grazing platter.

Dinner parties can often roll on into the night (especially if there is wine involved). So you should provide a yummy grazing platter Sydney for your guests to nip at. Serving a grazing platter before the meal will stop guests from getting impatient and hungry while you cook, And while a dessert grazing platter will take away the stress of baking/dishing up the third course. You can prepare your grazing platter in advance of the dinner party, or have one created by Sydney event caterers.

  1. Consider a vegetarian dinner party meal, just in case.

If you’ve ever held a dinner party before, you’ll know that there always happens to be someone who turns up and decides they have changed their diet. To cater for all needs, opt for a meal that includes minimal dairy (for those with tolerances), zero or minimal meat (for the vegetarians), plenty of fruit and veg (for those with health concerns), and no nuts (for those with allergies). We recommend our very own eggplant lasagna to keep everyone happy.

  1. Stock the fridge with drinks.

Drinks are a must for every successful dinner party – they help guests to loosen up and get the social vibes happening. In preparation for your event, fill the fridge with enough beer, wine and spirits to keep everyone’s thirst quenched.

  1. Shop beyond the standard supermarket aisle.

To really impress your guests, you should seek fresh vegetables and produce from local grocery suppliers and businesses. Products that are handmade with love are always guaranteed to taste better, and the details of the local small business that you buy from will be a great conversation starter on the night. When shopping directly with suppliers, you can get some great bulk and wholesale bargains which will help reduce costs of your dinner party. At Maruzza Fine Foods, we offer wholesale pasta suppliers, Italian food online, pasta near me, pasta delivery Sydney, frozen pasta and bulk pasta online Sydney, so you can get the best tasting meals for outstanding prices. Browse our website for more information today.