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Traditional Italian
Food Products

Everybody knows that the best food is always homemade, hand-crafted and fuelled by flavour. It boils over the stove, wafts a scent all the way to the other end of the street, and receives a chorus of moans when it is presented at the dining table. However, in today’s busy world, not everyone has time to create their own wholesome meals.

At Maruzza Fine Foods, our aim is to deliver handmade, quality products into the supermarkets, homes and venues of our Australian community. Food has the power of bringing families, friends and networks together, and we know that super-succulent, aromatic products achieve this best. We want to spread the love and satisfaction that a delicious Italian meal creates.


Curated with passion, knowledge and care.

All of our pasta and food products are proudly handmade in-house by a team of adoring food professionals. We limit usage of machines and curate each food item with attention and affection. There’s no mistaking our love of food and home-grown taste.
Notably, despite being produced in bulk, our wholesale products have no reduction in quality or taste. It is no wonder why Maruzza Fine Foods is a beloved brand in all of our retail partner stores - presenting quality on the shelf is a demonstration of appreciation towards all customers. Additionally, our catering is produced on a made-to-order basis with personalised options created for each individual client.

It all began in Nonna’s kitchen.

A lust for delectable meals has been passed through our family for hundreds of years. Nearly a decade ago, we began Maruzza Fine Foods after realising the need for more hand-crafted and nourishing foods in the homes of our community.

Since our beginning, we have continually expanded our wholesale operations and introduced our brand onto the shelves of thousands of retailers. We have also developed specialised services in catering and grazing tables. Throughout it all, we have upheld our meticulous emphasis on superior homely Italian meals.